Welcome to the Weight of My World!

I have many interests, experiences and work titles that lend itself to the variety of my blog topics and insights.

I hope to inspire, help, motivate you and we can have a few laughs along the way.

I hope in some small way as I share a bit of my journey that it can help you along yours.

I thought about the title of the blog, something that captures what I am going to blog about. First it was about my weight, that on-going battle with weight. Then I thought about the weight I carry around everyday in my life, that kind of baggage that can hold us back.

Key here, my redefining is a process that I’m on, to look inward and work outward… I am a work in process!

Follow along, read, comment, share… thanks!


About Me Click Here

Disclaimer: Please don’t hold typos and grammar mistakes against me. I didn’t have time to hire an editor.
Dream Big Always,

3 Comments on “Welcome

  1. You are absolutely right about blogging being personal. You have admirable goals for blogging. Thanks for your effort and looking forward to hearing about your journey:).


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