Here I am finished up my fitness boot camp four weeks later, fives days a week… I made it through the early mornings, that provided push ups, grapevines, medicine balls, jump ropes, hand weights, bands, sprints and numerous other exercises that truly kicked up my quest for a healthy and active lifestyle. And a lot of prayers. Last September 1, 2013 when I started on a fitness journey I had a vision to… Read More

Ok, which Homer did you think I was going to write about? The author, Homer, Ancient Greek poet of the books The Iliad and The Odyssey or Homer Simpson the cartoon character? I am pretty sure the two have nothing in common, but their name Homer. Wait, in some ways Homer Simpson is a poet in his own right…. by turning the phase, “D’oh!” into a catch phrase. When working out, especially these past few… Read More

It happened, we are not talking anymore. No more self talk to justify why one of the pretty little desserts is a must. Ah that bakery department at the grocery store! Oh the goodies to behold. BUT wait, as I am walking by… no urge, no want and they aren’t talking to me. I am not talking about all the reasons to buy one. This has nothing to do with Lent either…. as… Read More

What a day yesterday to visit the beach as it offered sun and sand along with amazing sand castles! There was a huge display of professionally built/designed/created sand castles. Certainly nothing like I ever built as a kid. These were towering pieces of sand art. The theme was Hollywood, thus sand castles from famous movies as you can see a few examples in the photos above. Interesting, the sand castles were all… Read More

Do those two statements mean the same thing to you? Moving forward or moving on. Can you actually set a date on the calendar to say, move on. The one thing about life, it is always changing and changing takes time. Although both statements say movement, how you move is the difference. Move on is so harsh, pushing away, trying to change the past or a situation with the idea you can… Read More

Reading, it is fundamental, but also provides so much more. Stories, adventures, help, inspiration, education, learning and fill in the blank as to what reading provides you. I took on the challenge that was more than a reading a book, but required self-examination, tasks, exercises, writing, reflection and prayer…. this was a 40 day project. What a dare to undertake. I went in with little or no expectations of the process or the… Read More

Cheating, such a negative word when it comes to deceit, fraud, violate and being dishonest. Now that word can give you visuals of cheating on a test, spouse, diet and so much more. But what is cheating when it comes to yourself? How do we cheat ourselves out of a dream or goal? As I have been working on a new project, there are times when it is so easy to give up. I am learning… Read More

Nothing like being greeted this morning by three deer as I drove into the park. I am sure they looked at me for a treat. The wonderful thing about a fitness boot camp is we are outside. There was a concept many years ago called, gyms without walls. Health clubs were trying to find new ways to engage members in new activities and offering outdoor activities such as triathlon, surfing, etc. I have… Read More

You have heard that line of thinking, what you put in is what you get out? That has become a kick in the butt lesson during my new fitness boot camp routine. It is a community of women, we are all there in the morning, social aspects, supportive, but in  the end, it’s one persons exercise of working out. I know that it is just me against my body, mind and soul…. Read More

I am not talking about the grocery scale in the produce department…. at my grocery store as you come in the entrance there is a huge scale. I would never dare step on it… to public. But recently I thought about it. Since I started fitness boot camp I would like to view my “weight” progress. Step up, loud and proud. Then I thought about it, the scale isn’t a measure of… Read More

Yesterday in fitness boot camp one of the exercise drills was called Chariot. You get a partner, wrap a resistance band around your waist and the partner holds it as you try to run across the field. I felt more like Joey from the movie War Horse trying to plow a field. I felt strong, was really pushing, but had little resistance. After the first pass the instructor said, no, no, no, I… Read More

Have you thought about where you are? Where you are going? The song by Lee Ann Womack, “I Hope You Dance”  there is a line in the song, “when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.
” Are you at the point to sit it out or dance? You start, you try, you don’t finish. We all have many hopes, goals and dreams. We start out with such… Read More

When I am working out sometimes a song will pop in my head. You know that moment, the song just comes and over takes you. And of course I have been known to belt it out, no inner voice there. Welcome Josh Groban who popped into my head today. The song that hit me was his amazing rendition of “You Raise Me Up.” Chorus is: “You raise me up, so I can stand… Read More

Have you had those days when you feel like the Little Engine stuck at the bottom of a mountain? Not sure how you are going to get up there? Trying to face the next obstacle, challenge or issue that confronts you. The weight of the world is pushing down on you? Some days we face mountains that are big, some are small hills. How you manage being stuck determines how you will climb. As I… Read More

In my journey of fitness, health and wellness, trying new fitness activities can really mix up the routine. I started a fitness boot camp last week… still going strong, day seven, week two, but who is counting. Now one would think that a high intensity boot camp would be enough. Oh but no, I thought why not give yoga a try? Stretching, breathing, relaxing, oh my. This session was for “everyone”, outside,… Read More

How many events in your life do you mark as a milestone? Wedding, anniversary, first home, first kiss, birthdays, first Holy communion, graduation from high school, college, grad school, retirement, a death, career and/or turning a certain age? Oh how the list can go on and on. I know that milestones in one’s life are varied and different based on your outlook and thought on what is important in your life. Some… Read More

This one requires us to think, focus! How do you focus your day? Do you let your day control you or can you control your day? Focus requires a lot of effort to stay on task. It can be pretty hard when you have lots of interruptions, demands from others for your time and numerous emails, phone calls, text messages…. oh my. How can one focus in this daily maze we call… Read More

Where is the year going? Here we are at the first day of spring…. well some parts of the country still have snow, but really spring will be to you soon too. We know New Year’s gives a chance for renewal… Ash Wednesday that kicks of the Lenten season is another chance for renewal. Here it is the first day of spring, another chance for renewal in your life and goals. If… Read More

Oh yes I am saying that word DIET, say it with me DIET. But is diet something you jump off and on or is it about how you eat? Over the past several months, my journey with food isn’t about being on a diet, as I know those have never worked for me. I have a new appreciation for food as fuel, the other four letter words. How I manage my food… Read More

How do you define strong? Strength? Is is about courage? Maybe how much you can lift? What makes you strong? How do you want to be strong? We think of strong as physical power, being to lift, pull or move something with force. If you have ever been in a trying situation, haven’t you heard, you just need to be strong, stay strong, you have the strength to do it. As we… Read More


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